Nothing Ear 2 showed on “live” photos (3 photos)

The head of the startup Nothing Carl Pei said that already inIn 2023, the brand will introduce its new Nothing Phone 2 smartphone, and just a couple of days later, insiders shared the details of the company's next generation of wireless headphones. Apparently, they will be called as expected - Nothing Ear 2.

Moreover, the appearance of the novelty has also become public. For this, it is worth saying “thank you” to the popular OnLeaks insider, who teamed up with SmartPrix for this.

The pictures show that the new headphones are mostlywill be similar to their predecessor. The only change that can be clearly seen is the placement of the noise canceling microphone. Previously, it was located on the top of the headphones, and now it is placed on the leg.

It is expected that Nothing Ear 2 will be presented in the near future. But Nothing Phone 2 will have to wait - they should be announced only in the second half of 2023.