Notebook ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 with an original screen on the cover (9 photos)

ASUS at CES 2020demonstrated many new products, among which we can distinguish an unusual gaming laptop ROG Zephyrus G14, which received the most modern processor of the new AMD Ryzen 4000 series, an NVIDIA RTX video card and an original design addition in the form of a second screen on the outside of the lid.

Additional screens become one ofrecent trends by many developers seeking to expand the functionality of wearable devices. ASUS engineers created their own original solution by installing an AniMe Matrix triangular screen formed from 1215 miniature LEDs that can receive one of 256 brightness levels on the outside of the notebook cover. The user will be able to display various information, animated pictures, and time data on the outside of the laptop. In addition, an additional screen can be turned into a light and music panel.

The main monitor of the laptop is equipped with a 14 inch IPSmatrix (Full HD), the refresh rate of which is 120 Hz. There is a modification with a QHD monitor and a 60 Hz update. The opening system in the laptop is equipped with a proprietary system that raises the case above the surface of the table, which provides an additional gap for more efficient heat dissipation.

Flagship ROG Zephyrus G14provides for the installation of the latest AMD Ryzen 4000 H series processor with a TDP of 45 W and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics processor with 6 GB of GDDR6 memory. The laptop is equipped with 16 GB of 3200 MHz DDR4 RAM and 1 TB solid-state drive SSD.

The battery provides 10.5 hourscontinuous battery life. The mass of the device is 1.6 kg, and the thickness of the case is 17.6 mm. Security is provided by a fingerprint scanner integrated into the power button. The speaker system has two 2.3 W speakers, two 0.7 W tweeters and supports Dolby Atmos surround sound technology. The keyboard is equipped with a backlight system, and the key travel is 1.7 mm.

In April, the sale of the ROG Zephyrus G14 laptop equipped with AniMe Matrix screens will begin, and in the basic configuration the device will become available for purchase in mid-March.

Source: Engadget