Nostalgia for yesterday: the first cassette player with Bluetooth is introduced

The company NINM Lab decided to use the goodmemory of old cassette tapes for many music lovers and came up with a way to revive the fashion for listening to music from cassettes. The developers of the company presented a new player IT’S OK.

It is made in the style of classic designs.last century: it has a compartment for tapes, power button and rewind. 3.5 mm jack is also from the past: any headphones or speakers are connected through it, as before.

But from the new: the player has a Bluetooth 5.0 module, so now you can listen to music from old tapes through wireless headphones.
IT’S OK is already available on Kickstarter from July 4th. By pre-order the price of the player is 63 dollars, or about 4 thousand rubles.