Norway recycles 97% of plastic bottles. Her method is impressive

What is Norway doing better than any other country?so it is in recycling plastic waste. If in the USA the level of plastic recycling reaches only 30%, then in the Nordic country this figure reaches an unimaginable 97%, and only 1% of the waste enters the environment. Such results were achieved thanks to Infinitum, which came up with an excellent strategy for motivating people to hand over bottles for recycling.

The reason for the unpopularity of processing is thatthat it is much more profitable for manufacturers to create a new plastic than to spend money on creating raw materials for reuse. Knowing this, Infinitum has made it so that both consumers and producers have a financial incentive to hand over and recycle plastic waste.

The country massively raised the cost of food inplastic packaging - they cost 13-30 cents more expensive. Buyers have the opportunity to return this money to their account by throwing the packaging in the assembly machine and scanning the bar code. Also, bottles can be handed over to stores or gas stations, and get a discount on other products. Restaurants that accept waste also receive a small profit from each bottle - some owners even say that this has taken their business to a new level.

We want people to buy a product when they buy a product.

Kjell Olav Maldum, CEO of Infinitum

These countries are already interested in this Scotland, India, China and Australia. A similar system has already been implemented in Germany and Lithuania, and their recycling rate is also higher than in other countries.

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