Non-invasive diabetes control method from Russian scientists

Diabetes mellitus is currently among theThe most common diseases for which, according to WHO, about 5% of the world's inhabitants suffer. To ensure the normal functioning of people with diabetes can continuous monitoring of blood sugar levels. To measure the level of glucose requires multiple blood sampling during the day.

Creating a non-invasive blood control methoddiabetics is a priority to improve the effectiveness of the fight against the consequences of this disease. The absence of damage to the skin and blood vessels preserves the strength of the body, and does not disrupt the normal functioning of the person.

At one time, Google experts have triedApply an optical method to control blood sugar levels using special contact lenses. However, this technique does not provide sufficient accuracy, which led the company to temporarily abandon this idea.

Scientists working at the Department of Analytical ChemistryMoscow State University, propose to measure the level of glucose using human sweat. In this case, it is not the absolute value of the sugar content that is measured, but its relative change, taking into account the correlation between the composition of blood and sweat.

The prototype of such a biological sensor isplatinum electrode coated with inorganic pigment of Prussian blue and glucose oxidase enzyme. During the sweat study, glucose oxidase reacts with the glucose in the sweat. As a result, hydrogen peroxide is produced, and its concentration is measured on the basis of the reaction with Prussian blue. As a result, scientists will be able to determine the relative, indirect blood sugar levels.

Source: MSU