Nokia 220 4G - weird phone

Button with 4G support - there is something very Chinese in it. In Western markets, such devices appear infrequently. But appear. Sometimes even under very well-known names.

The new Nokia 220 4G is an amazing device. The presence of support for 4G networks implies enhanced capabilities for transferring large amounts of data at high speed. Here it is involved in quite a traditional way: mobile Internet, Facebook preinstalled client, HD calls (usual voice communication, but with enhanced voice quality). It would be logical to add the ability to distribute fast Internet - but no, the handset does not support Wi-Fi. Moreover, there is even no support for 3G networks. Not otherwise, it is assumed that in areas with insufficient coverage of 4G networks, the phone will not be, and if it turns out, it will cost GSM networks.

Special mention deserves the category of LTE networks, supported by Nokia 220 4G. This Cat.1 provides a maximum speed of 10 Mbps for downloading and 5 Mbps for downloading information to the network.

It looks like a button man from simple ones. With a symbolic camera, radio, etc. Whether there is a slot for a memory card is not specified, but in theory it should be.

Price - 39 euros (2745 rubles) at the start of sales.

Key features of the Nokia 220 4G:

Screen TFT, 2.4 ″, 240 × 320
Memory RAM 16 MB, ROM 24 MB, Micro-SD
Mobile Internet LTE cat.1 10/5 Mbps
Mobile networksLTE
GSM 900, 1800
Battery Li-Ion, 1200 mAh
Dimensions121.3 x 52.9 x 13.4 mm
Weight86.5 g
Camera 0.3 MP, flash, no autofocus
OSFeature OS

Tatyana Kobelskaya