Nobel Prize winner lost prizes due to racist sayings

In 1962, American biologist James WatsonHe won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for the discovery of the structure of the DNA molecule. Throughout his career, the 90-year-old scientist managed to give many scandalous interviews in which he humiliatingly spoke of black people and argued that stupidity is a disease that needs treatment. Because of criticism and non-acceptance by the scientific community, he was forced to sell his Nobel Medal, and now he was officially deprived of all titles, calling his work "not supported by science."

James Watson had time to talk to the multitudejournalists, and these conversations sometimes cost him too much. For example, in 2007, the scientist gave an interview to The Times, in which he hinted at the low mental abilities of black people. After these words, he was subjected to such strong criticism that he was dismissed from his post as head of the New York Cold-Harbor Spring Laboratory.

The scientist spoke loudly and in relation to peoplewith obesity and homosexuals. In an interview for The Sunday Telegraph, he said that if science had known the gene responsible for gay sexuality, women would have the right to choose the orientation of the child. Or another example: he said that the authorities may feel uneasy when dealing with fat people, because he knows in advance that he will not accept him to work.

After scandalous interviews, the scientist broughtapologies and called his statements a provocation. In one of the 2008 BBC documentaries, James announced that he had never been racist, and the accusations were the worst thing in his life. It seems that his words were not pronounced seriously, since in the documentary film for the PBS channel he again spoke about the differences between people of different races:

The difference between black and white is visible in the IQ tests. I would say that this is a difference at the genetic level.

James Watson biologist

It is this statement that prompted scientificthe community takes away all the honorary titles and recognizes all of his works as devoid of evidence. The biologist has not yet commented on the decision of the community, as it is recovering from a car accident in a nursing home.

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