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No photoshop: these giant animals exist in reality

There are many huge animals in the world:elephants, giraffes, whales and so on. However, sometimes animals grow to gigantic sizes from which this is least expected. An example is rabbits, whose body length is usually about 50 centimeters. But in the UK, an individual was once born, which grew dramatically to 130 cm in length and gained a weight of 22.5 kilograms. You can see a photo of this giant named Darius and her owner in the title picture. There are several more such giants in the world: among them are a dog, a cat, a cow, and even a huge toad. You could see their photos on the Internet and take them for photoshop, but no - these giants exist in reality.

Rabbit Darius with his owner


  • 1 The biggest rabbit in the world - Darius
  • 2 The largest dog in the world - Great Dane Zeus
  • 3 The biggest cat in the world - Maine Coon Ludo
  • 4 The biggest tiger in the world - Hercules
  • 5 The biggest cow in the world - Blossom
  • 6 The largest snake in the world - python Medusa
  • 7 The biggest frogs in the world - goliaths

The biggest rabbit in the world - Darius

Since we mentioned this handsome man, let's continue.The length of the Darius rabbit reaches 130 centimeters, and the body weight was once 22.5 kilograms. He has a son named Jeff, who also surprises with his size. The content of the big men annually costs their owner Annette Edwards 5,000 pounds, which at the current exchange rate is almost 350,000 rubles.

Darius' body length is 130 centimeters

In addition, women have to deal withgreat stress. Rabbit Darius is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest in the world, therefore it is a celebrity. In 2021, he was abducted by unidentified individuals from a paddock in Worcestershire. The owner announced a reward of 1,000 pounds (about 100,000 rubles) for the return of a pet, but he was never found - at least, no news about this could be found.

Rabbit Darius was everyone's favorite

The largest dog in the world - Great Dane Zeus

You could also see a photograph of Zeus in variouscollections and take them for photoshop. But this huge dog really existed and lived in the US state of Michigan. When he stood up on his hind legs, his height reached 2 meters - he was taller than any healthy man. Despite his huge size, the dog was very kind and therefore worked as a therapist - he liked to partially sit on people's laps and cheer them up. In fairness, it should be noted that he was not allowed to sit on his knees for a long time, because he weighed an impressive 70 kilograms. Sadly, Great Dane Zeus died in 2014 at the age of six.

Zeus is considered the largest dog in the world

Zeus uses the conch as a small bowl

Zeus is sitting in a chair and she is small for him

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The biggest cat in the world - Maine Coon Ludo

Representatives of the Maine Coon cat breed arevery large. But even among them giants are sometimes born - once in the British city of Wakefield they found a cat named Ludo. Its body length is 119 centimeters, so it is twice the size of any other cat. The body weight of fluffy Ludo is 11 kilograms, but the owners still carry it in their arms from time to time. All in all, this dog-sized cat is doing very well.

Maine Coon Ludo weighs a lot, but he is often carried on the hands

Maine Coon Ludo in comparison with a child

Maine Coon looking after the baby

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The largest tiger in the world - Hercules

Let's not stray far from the cat family -The photos below show the Hercules liger. This is not a typo, there really are ligers in the world, which are hybrids of lions and tigresses. In 2006, the Hercules liger was registered as the largest feline in the world. If he stood up on his hind legs, his height was 3.7 meters. The body weight of this giant was 400 kilograms. However, what are we talking about this handsome man in the past - he is still alive. Its owner is the famous animal trainer Bhagawan Antle.

Liger Hercules

Hercules with baby

Hercules has a huge head!

Bhagavan Antle

The biggest cow in the world - Blossom

Usually cows grow up to 130 centimeters.However, in the USA some time ago there lived a record holder named Blossom. Being a bright representative of the Holstein breed, she towered as much as 190 centimeters, that is, the owners looked at her from the bottom up. Of course, her weight was also impressive - she weighed about one ton. Unfortunately, Blossom the cow is no more, she died in 2015.

Blossom cow next to her owner

The size of this giant cow is even a little scary.

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The largest snake in the world - python Medusa

In the USA there is a show group Full Moon Productions, inthe concert program of which includes performances with a huge python named Madame Medusa. This reptile creature has a body length of 7.5 meters, which greatly impresses viewers who like to tickle their nerves. Every day, Madame Medusa eats rabbits and piglets, and once every 2 weeks she is served a whole deer. It is said that when a huge python is in a good mood, it purrs like a cat. But this doesn’t make it any easier, the mere sight of this giant gives you goosebumps.

Jellyfish snake in the hands of Full Moon Productions members

Girl next to Madame Medusa

It takes a lot of strong hands to hold Medusa

The largest frogs in the world - goliaths

If you have ranidaphobia, the fearfrogs and toads, you'd better not go to Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. In these corners of the planet live the largest frogs in the world, goliaths (Conraua goliath). Their body length can reach 32 centimeters, and sometimes their weight is 6 kilograms. In some photos, people hold them by the paws - this way these creatures look even larger. They are harmless, but still a nightmare for impressionable people.

Africans are not particularly surprised by the size of goliaths

Some people will get goosebumps from this photo.

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Finally, it is worth noting that in the depths of the oceanslive 14-meter squid. At one time, even we could not believe it and even double-checked the information, but this is not a mistake - these giants really exist. We even have a video, here is the link.