No hands: Pixel 4 is equipped with radar and listens to gestures

A blog appeared on Google’s blog about some of the features of the forthcoming fourth-generation Pixel 4 smartphones.

Not that Pixel 4 is stingy, but specialthere is no need to touch the phone once again with its owners. The device will understand much from a half-look and from a half-gesture. The smartphone is equipped with a Soli radar, whose task is to recognize movements. Thanks to Soli, Pixel 4 features the Motion Sense function, which makes the user a conductor. You can change the playing track in your hands, silence the alarm, answer the call.

Face unlock also removed but newlevel. Pixel 4 does not require him to look straight into his eyes - he recognizes the master's physiognomy even upside down. The sensor response rate is increased just due to the help of the radar - the smartphone already knows about the approach of a person and is ready for a meeting.

For sufferers of paranoia remark - Google does not use the code image, which is being compared with the recognition. It is generally only stored on a smartphone on a Titan M. security chip.

A set of sensors on the front panel looks like this:

The very same smartphone looks like this:

Pixel 4, the official publication of Google

Pixel 4, Ben Geskin Render

Announcement of Pixel 4 and its older brother Pixel 4 XL will be held in October.

Tatyana Kobelskaya