Nintendo will release a budget version of the Switch console (5 photos)

Next game console Nintendo Switch canto be not a new and improved version that many are waiting for, but rather a contraction of the current platform. According to rumors, the console will be miniature to emphasize portability, and accessible, but with reduced functionality.

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It is not clear on what exactly decided to savecompany. In two years, more than 32 million consoles with a 6.2-inch touchscreen have already been sold, controllers and a docking station for games on the TV are included in the package for $ 300.

Most likely the new console will part withdocking station and will concentrate on mobile games. If Nintendo could make the console more comfortable for children in terms of durability, this version of the Nintendo Switch could be a hit. The second generation Switch will be equipped with new equipment, and the LCD display Switch will be the first on the sight.

It is also reported that Nintendo wants to release an improved and cheaper version of Nintendo Switch Online, designed for game enthusiasts.
The tentative release date for the Nintendo Switch 2 console is the end of 2019.