Nintendo Switch Pro Advanced Console Technical Specifications

Nintendo Switch Compact Game Consolesold around the world with a circulation of over 40 million units, it is deservedly considered one of the best entertainment during a long trip, long wait or journey. Nevertheless, three years after the release of the console, its technical specifications are somewhat outdated and do not meet the requirements of modern games with high hardware requirements.

Awareness of this problem drove the companyNintendo to begin development of the version of Nintendo Switch Pro equipped with more modern technical base. According to insider sources, Nvidia will be Nintendo’s most likely partner in the development of the updated GPU, which, after Tegra X1, can start producing a new generation of a new generation video card from the Volta series, designed specifically for Switch Pro.

According to unverified data, the release of Nintendo SwitchPro may take place in the fourth quarter of 2020. However, according to tradition, Nintendo usually avoids direct competition with rivals, namely, at the end of the year, launches of such expected gaming gadgets as the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are planned. Most likely, Nintendo Switch Pro will be introduced a little later and traditionally equipped with exclusive features.