Nintendo Switch do it yourself for $ 200 (4 photos)

Self-isolation of citizens during the quarantine period ledto the growing popularity of game consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. However, the closure of many industries and the restriction of international trade led to a shortage of prefixes, which immediately caused an increase in the price of even used models. An enthusiast resident in the Seattle area, known on the Internet under the nickname Sarbaaz37, indignantly stated that in his area the used Nintendo Switch prefix can be bought for fantastic 450-600 dollars.

This situation has caused fury of the user andprompted him to action - to independently create a console from parts purchased on the Internet. Sarbaaz37 used parts that are available for purchase online. The search process and the phased assembly of the Nintendo Switch analog are outlined on the Imgur website. From the above description, we can conclude that this event is quite time-consuming, time-consuming and requires relatively high qualifications in microelectronics.

First of all, it took a long time to search the networknecessary parts at low prices. Further, Sarbaaz37 expected delivery of components from China. The total amount spent by him on parts and delivery amounted to 199 dollars. As a result, a console was built to play most of the applications for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: imgur