Ninebot ES1L - a budget electric scooter with a range of autonomous travel of 20 km (5 photos)

Individual city electric transport,represented by bicycles and scooters, it is becoming one of the most promising markets, providing residents of megacities with a compact, convenient and economical means of transportation, in the conditions of overloaded urban highways. Segway Ninebot, of which Xiaomi is one of the leading investors, presents the next compact folding electric scooter Ninebot ES1L, which has become a further development of the Ninebot ES1 model, announced in 2019.

The new Ninebot ES1L model develops maximumspeed of 20 km / h, which corresponds to the parameters of the base model Ninebot ES1. However, the radius of an autonomous trip on a single battery charge in the new product is reduced to 20 km, compared with a base range of 25 km.

The control system allows you to install oneof three speed modes, and data on speed and power reserve are displayed. A power of 500 W of a brushless motor is enough to move on a surface with a slope of up to 10 degrees. Ninebot ES1L has IPX6 moisture protection. Night traffic is facilitated by an LED headlamp illuminating the road at a distance of 13.5 meters.

Through the use of aviation aluminumthe weight of the scooter body is reduced to 11 kg, and the original engineering solution will allow you to fold the Ninebot ES1L at the touch of a button. The compact size when folded will allow the owner to store the scooter in the trunk of the car.

Autonomous work Ninebot ES1L providesspecial rechargeable lithium battery with a capacity of 184 Wh. Wheels with a diameter of 8 inches are hollow explosion-proof non-pneumatic. A shock absorber is mounted on the front wheel. Ninebot ES1L scooters are black and orange and will hit the market for $ 228

Source: gizmochina