Ninebot A30C electric moped presented (3 photos)

Segway-Ninebot conducted a largepresentation, during which she showed new models of urban small electric transport, entering the market in the season of 2021. Among the new models is the Ninebot A30C electric moped with a travel radius of up to 40 km.
Mopeds are small urban vehicles that, in addition to the engine, have built-in bicycle pedals that allow the owner to continue driving even when the battery is completely discharged.

As battery in Ninebot A30Cuses a 48 V lead-acid battery with a maximum capacity of 12 Ah, allowing travel distances of up to 40 km. The moped uses an energy recovery system, airless tires, aluminum rims and a frame made of durable high-carbon steel. The maximum speed of the electric moped is 25 km / h.

The Ninebot A30C is controlled fromusing an information display built into the steering column. You can unblock the moped remotely using a special mobile application and a smartphone equipped with an NFC module. The app also displays the battery level, speed, and some other parameters, including the location of the Ninebot A30C. In the event of an emergency, the built-in warning system is triggered.

Ninebot A30C will go on sale at a priceabout $ 305 for the first buyers, and in the future it will be sold at a price of $ 350. The body of the electric moped is presented in white-gray, red-gray and gray-green colors.

Source: gizmochina