Nimble universal charger replaces 6 types of power supplies (3 photos + video)

Recently, many startups have been offeringChargers of various capacities to provide power to individual mobile gadgets. Presented on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, the device combines charging functions for several devices. Now, going on a trip there is no need to take several chargers with you - all of their functions will be performed by Nimble, which is also made of shockproof material and has high power.

Universal charger powered bybased on two independent microcircuits to which five USB connectors are connected: 2 USB Type-C and 3 USB-A. This connection scheme allows you to charge up to 6 devices without losing performance and reducing power, which is an impressive 35 watts. The owner of Nimble will be able to independently choose the ratio of voltage to current. So at 5 V you can get a current strength of 3.4 A, at 8 V - the current will be 2.25 A, and at 12 V - 1.5 A.

However, Nimble’s advantages are notend up. The charger has a standardized plug that can be used for standards for electrical outlets in 150 countries. The Nimble design also does not block access to the outlet after connecting - the user can freely connect 110 or 220 V devices with the charger connected to the network.

Nimble body resistant to mechanicalshock and heat. The package includes a complete set of necessary wires, adapters and a USB Type-C charging cable. The pre-order price for Kickstarter is $ 29. For the first two days of fundraising with the required $ 8.6 thousand, $ 25,350 has already been received. First deliveries will begin in October 2019, and Nimble will cost $ 60 in retail.

Source: kickstarter