Nikola Tesla: the most amazing inventions of a great genius

Exactly 163 years ago, Nicola was born on this day.Tesla. There is hardly anyone on this planet who has not heard of him. The name of Nikola Tesla called the company, his inventions were considered great, trying to unravel his secrets today. Many see him as a terrible visionary who created a secret weapon and conquered the unknown forces of nature. Who was Tesla really? What was his secret? You will love the answer.

Inventions: What is Nikola Tesla known for?

Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856 inthe small village of Smilyan, in Serbia, which was then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. His father, Milutin Tesla, was an Orthodox priest. Mother, Georgina Tesla, also came from a family priest.

In life, Tesla is not very lucky. Having studied electrical engineering in early youth, he became addicted to gambling and got into big debts. The money had to be given to the mother - since then Tesla has not played. He was constantly not satisfied with the educational institutions in which he began working as a teacher. He wanted to apply his knowledge in practice, so he tried to introduce innovations in all the companies in which he fell. Alas, his work has never been judged by merit. After working for several years in Paris, at Edison Continental, Tesla did not receive an award for his work. But the desire to work with electricity did not leave Nikole any options, except for the work of Thomas Edison - the very first inventor of an incandescent lamp.

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In 1885, Edison offered Teslaimprove DC electric cars and promised to pay $ 50,000. In response, the ingenious inventor developed 24 variants of technical improvements. Edison refused the prize, saying he was joking. Tesla, expectedly, quit.

Tesla's important inventions: a list

  • first electromechanical generators of high-frequency currents and high-frequency transformers;
  • modern rules of electrical safety (experiments with electricity Tesla spent on himself);
  • his experiments with high-frequency currents formed the basis for the development of electrotherapy and medical research;
  • described the phenomenon of a rotating magnetic field;
  • received patents for multi-phase electric machines, which formed the basis of hydroelectric power plants throughout the world;
  • created the first wave radio transmitter;
  • carefully studied the principles of radio communications;
  • Tesla Coils - lightning generators;
  • developed the basics of "wireless charging";
  • developed principles of submarine radio detection;
  • tried to create a super-weapon capable of destroying an entire army.

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Mysterious experiments Nikola Tesla

The very experiment for which Tesla becamecall "the lord of the world", was held in 1899 in Colorado Springs. The scientist managed to cause giant electrical discharges - literally, peals of lightning. Thunder from them was heard for 24 kilometers from the laboratory. After that, Nicola said that he had contacted extraterrestrial civilizations. You can imagine the fear and reaction of the public.

But this was not enough.

By the end of 1899, the scientist moved to New York andbuilt a lab on Long Island. He wanted to release a tremendous amount of energy, for which he reasonably tried to “shake” the ionosphere. On the day of the launch of the experimental facility, the journalists wrote that the sky was shining for thousands of kilometers above the laboratory.

What was the secret of Tesla?

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Tesla Big Coil

Tesla’s real secret lay in himselfhis quirky temper and habits. It actually might seem very strange how strange an electrical engineer can be, calling for thunder and trying to contact aliens.

For example, Tesla covered incomprehensible delightwhen he looked at pearl or pearl earrings. As if pearl tints evoked something extraterrestrial in himself. But the smell of camphor caused him almost palpable pain.

At the same time, Nicola could mentally imagine the internal structure of any device, just looking at him. As if he saw through all his cogs andshpuntik Had "X-ray" vision, like some superhero. They also say that in childhood, Tesla fell ill with cholera, but recovered in some magical way after a few days.

Even at school, he showed "superpowers": instantly solved problems in physics and mathematics and won all the competitions. Moreover, he won and in all sporting events. And in childhood Tesla often fanciful creations seemed to be - trolls, ghosts, giants, because of what the future inventor had hysterics and seizures.

According to the memoirs of contemporaries, Tesla is absolutely could not work in a team. But professionally played billiards.

Tesla slept four hours a day. Of these, two hours went on reflection or drowsiness. He ate exclusively alone, because if a genius did not count the volume of plates, cups and pieces of food, the food did not bring him pleasure.

In 1921, Nikola Tesla offered technical assistance to the Soviet authorities. I wonder what knowledge he could pass? What curious inventions would suggest? The combination of Tesla's amazing skills and inventions suggests the amazing towers that shoot lightning and instant communication at a great distance

The genius inventor's figure surroundsmany speculations and attributed to him non-existent qualities. In combination, an unsuccessful life with all the "supernormal abilities" and the genius of Tesla gave us the bitter story of a person who had found her fame long after death.

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