Nike has released a new "smart" sneakers with a lacing for $ 350 (7 photos + video)

Nike has unveiled its newest technology, the automatic shoe lacing FitAdapt in basketball sneakers Nike Adapt BB, managed by a mobile application.

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The company's official website states thatshoes "adapts to your foot to provide a feeling of closure." All this is implemented using a number of sensors that determine when it is time to loosen the lacing, and when, conversely, tighten it more tightly. Using the buttons on the sneakers or the Nike Adapt app on the smartphone, players can enter various fitting settings depending on different points. For example, during a time-out player can weaken shoes. In a future function, they may even assign a different tightness setting for the warm-up. Adapt BB also has a customizable backlight.

Smart sneakers are equipped with a battery capacity505 mAh. Charging speed on a special platform is 3 hours, after that you can use shoes for 10–20 days. Adapt BB will be available for purchase from February 17 at a price of $ 350.

In the future, the manufacturer intends to applyFitAdapt technology, based on a system of various sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, temperature sensor), in other products for sports and an active lifestyle.

Nike already presented shoes with lacing,modeled after “Back to the Future, Part II”, in 2016. However, only 89 pairs were released at that time, which were sold at a charity auction. All the money went to the Parkinson Disease Foundation, founded by Michael J. Fox.