Night light from Xiaomi charge your gadgets without wires (7 photos)

Xiaomi-owned Chinese brandYeelight gained fame thanks to its "smart" lamps. Under its logo, the company has released an entertaining and useful novelty Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Lamp. This two-in-one hybrid device is capable of wirelessly charging smartphones and illuminating a room at night with a removable light.

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The gadget supports wireless charging up to10 watts The removable lamp module is a LED rechargeable element of the Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Lamp. It is connected to the base with 3 magnetic contacts. There are two lighting modes - cool white and warm yellow.

Yeelight Wireless Charging Night Lamp is chargingwithin 3 to 4 hours. In warm yellow mode, it functions up to one day, in cold white up to 11 hours. The novelty can be bought only in white color of the case for $ 22. It is quite reasonable price for such a useful device.