Next-generation VR controllers for PlayStation 5 are shown (3 photos)

Sony recently announced the development ofthe next generation virtual headset designed for the latest PlayStation 5 consoles. The headset itself has not yet been shown to fans, but the developers have already shown the appearance of the future controllers of the VR device.

The controllers for the PS5 VR virtual headset use the developments already implemented in the DualSense controllers, as well as some technologies known to the community through numerous patents of Sony engineers.

The main feature of VR controllers will bedesign made in the form factor of the ball. This design feature allows developers to create universal controllers suitable for different hand sizes, which will allow the headset to be used by both adults and children.

Inside the ball controllers are placedcontrols: joysticks and action buttons, which are similar to DualSense controls. The VR controllers will be tracked by the headset using a "tracking loop" located at the bottom of each sphere.

According to the developers when creating VRcontrollers used all the experience accumulated by the company over a decade of creating such devices on any PlayStation platform. The result is a near-perfect controller with excellent ergonomics, perfect balance and ease of use.

Along with adaptive trigger technologies andtactile feedback, already used in DualSense, the VR controller introduces a detector that responds to the touch of the thumb, forefinger and middle finger, which expands the user's ability to control the gameplay.

The virtual reality headset is known tofor the PlayStation 5 will be launched on the market only next year, and, therefore, the appearance and parameters of devices may undergo significant changes, both in design and in the technologies used.

Source: playstation