New Year's Buyer's Guide. Gifts up to 6000 rubles

Hello dear readers. December has already begun, which means it's time for our New Year's guides

buyer. We traditionally start with the most inexpensive gifts, and then we will move upward.

Illustration: Svetlana Kucher

Table of Contents

  • Huawei Band 7
  • Smartphone Infinix Smart 6 Plus
  • Yandex.Station Mini 2 (without clock)
  • VK Capsule Neo
  • Xiaomi Mi TV Stick
  • Sleep set
  • Anker SoundCore Flare II
  • Xiaomi P05ZM Wireless External Battery
  • Huawei FreeBuds 4i
  • Yeelight Smart LED Bulb 1S
  • Portable Fan Kitfort KT-402
  • Conclusion

Huawei Band 7

A smart bracelet is a universal gift forfor anyone who doesn't already have one, which is why I recommend one model or another in the first guide every year. Usually my choice falls on the Mi Band, but this year I decided to recommend the Huawei Band 7, which has similar features but has a wider display.

The bracelet can count steps, track sleep, measure heart rate, track activity during various workouts, show notifications and much more. For a conditional 3,000 rubles, this is a wonderful gift.

Huawei Band 7 review: light, comfortable, practical

The most affordable fitness bracelet on HarmonyOS…

Price: from 3000 rubles


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Smartphone Infinix Smart 6 Plus

New Year's Eve is a great time to indulge yourself.or close to a new smartphone, while it does not have to be an expensive model, because now even in the budget segment there are worthy representatives who are not ashamed to recommend.

One of them is the Infinix Smart 6 smartphone.Plus. It has a large 6.82-inch display with HD resolution, a capacious 5000 mAh battery, several beautiful colors (blue, purple and black), 64 GB of internal memory, support for microSD cards and an 8 MP main camera.

Infinix Smart 6 Plus will be a great gift inas the first smartphone for a child or an elderly relative, or as the main device for those who need an inexpensive smartphone with a large screen and a capacious battery.

Price: 6000 rubles

Yandex.Station Mini 2 (without clock)

I have two small stations at home and this is one ofthe best purchases, especially if we talk about the option of placing in the kitchen. Its key difference from conventional wireless speakers is that you can turn on music and control it with your voice. I don’t know about you, but personally I get bored every time I connect my smartphone to the speaker when I want to listen to music from it, and then one request and Alice turns on everything you want. Well, if the library does not have the desired track, then you can turn it on from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

At the same time, the station very quickly recognizes yourpreferences and after a few likes / dislikes (they can be set by voice) it turns on quite a decent radio from your favorite and similar to your favorite tracks. A nice bonus is the ability to set a timer while cooking or even an alarm clock if the speaker is in the room.

The station has only one minus. It is wired, so it can not be dragged around different rooms.

Price: 6000 rubles

VK Capsule Neo

New compact smart speaker with Marusya on board.Unlike Yandex.Station, it costs only 3,000 rubles, while it has a built-in display with a clock. The speaker has cute little eyes, and comes with a set of stickers for customization. Can be a great gift for kids. I myself did not use Marusya, but a colleague said that this is a convenient voice assistant that can maintain consistent conversations and knows many fairy tales.

Price: 3000 rubles

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

Another gadget that is most likelyuseful to you in the kitchen. Again, I'll tell you about my use case. I have an old TV in my kitchen that doesn’t have Wi-Fi or YouTube, but I want to watch something while eating. And instead of buying a new TV for 15-20 thousand, I decided to "refresh" the old one with this stick.

It turned out well, I looked at it with great pleasureit has various shows, I was separately pleased that for a conditional 3,500 rubles, a separate remote control was included. There is only one downside to this solution: if you still watch terrestrial television, then you will have to constantly switch inputs between HDMI and antenna.

Price: 3500 rubles

Sleep set

In the last couple of years, I've been having trouble withsleep, I fall asleep for a long time, wake up at night, and in the morning I get up broken. In an attempt to solve my problems, I came across a blog of a somnologist who talked about how to improve your sleep. She also sold her special sleep glasses. I liked the information she gave, and also bribed the fact that in front of me was a scientist working at the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, so I decided to try to buy them.

What are those orange glasses for?They block the blue color and simulate a sunset for us, that is, the body begins to think that it is time to go to sleep, and produces melatonin. They should be worn an hour before bedtime. I tried several times, the effect is really there, you fall asleep easier. It seems to me that they can be a good and original gift for the New Year. There was also a special gift box with glasses, a mask and bath salt, but, unfortunately, it has already been taken apart.

Price: 1600 rubles

Anker SoundCore Flare II

The wireless speaker is versatilea gift that will suit almost any person: someone listens to music in the shower, someone in the kitchen, someone in nature or at a party. At the same time, a person may not even suspect that he needs such a gadget. I remember myself before buying the first column, and then it seemed to me that the gadget was not really needed, but now I regularly use it in the same bathroom or while traveling.

For today's selection, I chose an inexpensive option from Anker. It has an unusual original shape, a cool effect of light music, it sounds great and costs around 5,000 rubles.

Price: from 4500 rubles

Xiaomi P05ZM Wireless External Battery

I saw this model in one of the collections of gifts andI immediately wanted to buy one for myself. The principle of operation is the same as that of an Apple external battery, but there are several fundamental differences. First, the price. This battery costs only 3,000 rubles. Secondly, the capacity - it has 5000 mAh. Thirdly, the charging station is included. In my opinion, this is a cool original gift, however, I couldn’t find it right away in our stores, only on AliExpress (share it in the comments if you found it in Russia).

Price: from 3000 rubles


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Let's take a look at two great new items...

Huawei FreeBuds 4i

If any of your relatives or friends are stillIf you don't use wireless headphones, then you can open a whole new world of convenience without wires for him. It's nice that now these headphones can be purchased even for 6,000 rubles, but a few years ago, such offers started from 12,000!

Huawei FreeBuds 4i are great forundemanding listener who uses them in the subway or on the street, however, music lovers are better off looking at more expensive offers. But we will talk about them in the next collection. Huawei FreeBuds 4i review must take!

Affordable active noise canceling wireless headphones in a beautiful compact case

Price: from 6000 rubles

Yeelight Smart LED Bulb 1S

If you have long wanted to get acquainted with a smart home,but are not ready to spend a lot of money on it, I recommend starting with buying a smart light bulb. The device is simple, but very impressive for those who have never used such gadgets before.

Last year I recommended Yandex.Lampochka, and this year I decided to recommend a more versatile option from Yeelight, which will work with a large number of smart homes.

Price: from 900 rubles

Portable Fan Kitfort KT-402

“Zhenya, what portable fan in winter?This is clearly a bad gift!” - such comments will most likely be under this guide, so I will immediately answer them, again, using my own example. It often happens to me that when I am in some restaurant with poor ventilation, I get hot, even in winter, or rather, especially in winter, when the air becomes drier due to radiators and heaters.

And in such situations, the fan helps out a lot.And, of course, let's not forget that winter is not eternal (although in December it seems that it is eternal) and in the summer your gift will be remembered with gratitude. This is not the first time I recommend portable fans, and this time I decided to pay attention to the model from Kitfort, because it is on a stand and has an adjustable tilt, which is very important when using it. My folding fan doesn't have this, which makes it less convenient.

Price: 2000 rubles


By good tradition, I invite you to tell incomments on what you plan to give yourself or your loved ones for the New Year, and I and other readers will read with interest, because, as you have not ceased to remind me for many years, comments on Mobile-Review are as important a part of the content as the articles themselves! ????