New Xiaomi smart door lock supports seven ways to unlock (2 photos)

Xiaomi has long been known not only for smartphones andlaptops, but also smart home elements. One of them, a door lock, was updated by the company the day before. We are talking about the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 model, the preliminary sales of which have already started at home. The price of new items is $270. For this amount, buyers receive a lock that can be opened in 7 different ways.

So, the device opens with the help of an ordinarykey. In addition, you can use a fingerprint, permanent or temporary passwords, a one-time password, or NFC or Bluetooth. The last two are available through the mobile application.

It is reported that from 8 AA batteries the novelty can work up to 10 months. Whether a global version of the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock M20 is planned, the company did not say.

Source: mydrivers