New wireless charging from Xiaomi suitable for home and auto (6 photos)

Xiaomi company introduced not only the newflagship Mi9, but also a line of useful and affordable accessories. Among them, the Mi Wireless Power Bank is an external battery that supports fast wireless charging, and the Mi Wireless Car Charger is a car charger.

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Capacity Xiaomi Mi Wireless Power Bank is10,000 mAh This battery wirelessly charges any compatible device, providing power up to 10 watts. Added accessory and two connectors: USB Type-A and USB Type-C with a return of up to 18 watts. So at the same time up to three devices can be eaten from it. The battery itself is charged from the 18-watt unit in 4 hours. Its dimensions are 147.9 x 71.6 x 18.4 mm. In China, it will cost about 22 dollars.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charger - this is a modifiedthe model of the wireless charging station, supplied with the Mi Mix 3. It is important that its output power increased to 20 watts, and the output - to 27 watts. For example, Mi9 is fully charged from it in just an hour. In China, it will have to pay about $ 15.

Finally, Xiaomi Mi Wireless Car Charger -car station wireless charging. It can be attached to the ventilation grill. When installing, it fixes the smartphone automatically. If you start to remove the device, the mount will weaken. The maximum supported width of the smartphone is 81.5 millimeters. Depending on the power adapter model, the maximum output power can be 20 watts, input - 27 watts. This device in the Chinese market will cost $ 25.