New vulnerability reveals all secrets of MacBook users

Developer Jeff Johnson reported he foundvulnerabilities. It applies to all versions of the macOS Mojave operating system, including 10.14.3. Of course, the MacBook is used by fewer people than by devices on the Windows OS, but this bug can cause severe damage to millions of users around the world.

As Johnson explained, access to part of the directories inmacOS is limited by default. For example, only a few system applications, like Finder, can get to ~ / Library / Safari. However, the engineer found that these bans are quite realistic to get around. Some kind of malware may well have access to ~ / Library / Safari, and without requesting additional rights from either the user or the system. And without the slightest difficulty, he learns the entire history of the browser. Now there is no protection against a bug at all, it works in 100 percent of cases.

Johnson reported a problem to Apple technical support. Until the patch is created, the developer does not communicate the technical details of this vulnerability, so as not to put users at risk. I am glad that hacking a MacBook remotely impossible. So while the owners of laptops from Apple is better not to let anyone for their device.