New unknown Apple device

In anticipation of the September presentation of Applethere are more and more insider leaks about future smartphones with iPhone 11. However, the last message concerns a completely new device, which will appeal to users who spend a lot of time searching for keys, remotes and other small items.

Unnamed sources report possiblepresentations along with smartphones iPhone 11 of the original Apple Tag accessory, which is an ordinary keychain equipped with a Bluetooth module and a battery. The miniature device can be mounted on a bag, as a key fob to the keys or on the cover of any electronic mobile device.

User can track locationApple Tag using a dedicated iOS app. The device itself constantly scans and sends its coordinates to the network, indicating the last geolocation point. The user can also enable search mode when the Apple Tag beeps to facilitate detection.

According to insiders, the Apple Tag providesthe function of using augmented reality, when the arrow pointing towards the device will be reflected on the smartphone’s monitor. Also available is a feature that includes the “Loss Mode” when other iPhones located in the range of the Apple Tag Bluetooth module are connected to the search.

Earlier information on the use of technology orTag 1.1 devices were discovered in the beta version of iOS 13. Perhaps this technology can be integrated into the ecosystem of Apple devices. Given the fact that the tracker image was found in the schematic image, it is not yet possible to present the appearance of the device.

Source: mydrivers