New super fast Sony MRW-S3 card reader and new SD cards

Information Age makes highrequirements for data storage systems, their transfer and protection of information carriers not only from hacker hacking, but also from ordinary mechanical damage, moisture and dirt. Sony has introduced new developments in this area and demonstrated the innovative MRW-S3 device for reading information from SD and Micro SD UHS-II cards and providing information transfer at speeds up to 1000 MB / s.

The card reader housing is made of aluminum withDamage resistant coating that prevents scratching. The weight of the device is 95 grams, and the kit comes with a USB-C cable - USB-C. This cable can also be used to connect to USB 3.1 Gen 2 devices or to a USB PD AC adapter up to 100 W thanks to the built-in eMarker. However, the MRW-S3 is also equipped with an HDMI connector that supports 4K 30k / s signal.

Along with the card reader, Sony has developed a newSD card series - TOUGH SD. The new SF-M TOUGH cards are positioned as the most reliable and durable UHS-II SD cards in the world. They are well protected from moisture and dust, and also resistant to shocks. The data transfer rate of SF-M TOUGH is 277 MB / s for reading and 150 MB / s for writing.

Using the MRW-S3 for SF-M TOUGH cards will allow backing up much faster and reduce the buffering time.

Also announced the standard series of SD cardsUHS-II "SF-E" with speeds up to 270 MB / s for reading and 120 MB / s for writing and V60 rating. In both types of maps presented there is a special software that allows you to recover accidentally deleted photos. The sizes of drives will be the following volumes: 64, 128 and 256 GB.