New stations Tesla Supercharger V3 will shorten the charging time of electric vehicles in half

As promised earlier this week, the companyTesla presented at a specially organized event at the headquarters in Fremont (California, USA) the third generation of Supercharger fast charging stations, characterized by even higher power. According to the manufacturer of electric vehicles, the new Supercharger V3 stations are capable of providing peak charging power up to 250 kW. Thanks to this, in just 5 minutes you can increase the range of the electric vehicle by 120 kilometers, reports The Verge.

Current versions of fast charging stationsSupercharger V2 provides 120 kW output current. Almost double the power increase was achieved thanks to a new cable design, which now uses liquid cooling. New stations do not need to distribute energy between several cars - customers can always get maximum charging power. This distribution with a decrease in power and, consequently, charging rate with a large number of simultaneous connections is one of the main limitations of the charging stations of the previous generation.

Broad deployment of new generation stationsTesla Supercharger V3 is set to launch in April. Currently, there is only one Supercharger V3 station. It is installed in Fremont and is available only to a limited number of company clients participating in the Tesla early access program. Such customers, as a rule, are the first to receive the newest software for electric vehicles, essentially participating in beta testing. As soon as more charging stations of the new generation will open next month, Tesla is going to release a massive firmware update for its electric vehicles with the support of the new standard. Also in the official blog, Tesla adds that the mass deployment of Supercharger V3 stations in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of this year.

In the coming weeks, the company is also goingupdate the second generation of charging stations Supercharger V2, increasing their power from the current 120 kW to 145 kW. According to the technical specifications, the maximum charging power of the stations of the second generation is 150 kW, but the majority until now have been limited to 120 kW.

Together with the announcement of a new generation of fastcharging stations Supercharger Tesla has introduced a new On-Route Battery Warmup feature. It works on the basis of an intelligent algorithm that heats the battery of an electric vehicle to the optimum value for charging even when approaching a fast charging station. According to Tesla, this reduces the charging time by 25 percent.

Take full advantage of newCharging standards will be the first to be able to owners of electric vehicles Tesla Model 3, since this model uses new batteries. Charging power for the Model S and Model X, released much earlier, while limited to the current 120 kW. Tesla says that it is going to increase the speed of charging the latter by releasing a special update over the coming months, but when exactly this happens it is not specified.

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Thanks to Supercharger V3 electric carsTesla will be able to surpass all electric cars available on the market by charging speed. As noted by The Verge, although Tesla's Supercharger V3's charging power is lower than that of Volkswagen’s Electrify America stations (they provide 350 kW), the latter have problems with cables, so at the beginning of the year it was reported that station had to temporarily close.

Tesla opened the first Supercharger fast charging station in September 2012. Since then, 12,888 points of fast charging have been opened in the United States and another 1,441 worldwide.

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