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New Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processors will "help" spy on smartphone users

One of the main advantages of future processorsQualcomm Technologies 'Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 will be an always-on technology, allowing the front-facing camera to "continuously track users' faces." The processors will appear in top-end Android phones early next year.

Always-on technology is controversialspecialists. The implementation of the new function allows you to instantly unlock smartphones using the always-on front camera. As a result, unlocking can be carried out at the moment the user approaches the device, while the smartphone is still on the table.

However, such technology can pose a threatuser privacy, experts say alarmed. Confidentiality can be completely lost as a result of constant camera surveillance of the user, even when not using the smartphone, and the damage from such a convenient feature may outweigh the potential benefits of always-on.

During the demonstration of benefits, constantlywith the front camera turned on, Qualcomm representatives gave an example of unlocking a smartphone while cooking according to a recipe from the Internet. The smartphone installed on the stand “came to life” every time it “saw” the user's face. Also, always-on will be convenient to use when working with a smartphone while driving, when the user's hands are on the steering wheel.

Qualcomm representatives compared always-on withconstantly switched on microphones of the smartphone, which is necessary for the implementation of voice commands. The developers note that the function of the always-on front camera can be disabled by users. It was also stated that the front camera scan data remains in the smartphone and is not transferred to cloud storage, and third-party applications will not be able to access such data.

Source: theverge