New Russian Kalashnikov submachine gun PPK-20 presented (video)

Demonstration of the latest development of the concern"Kalashnikov" was held at the events of the military-technical forum "Army-2020". The novelty was named the Kalashnikov submachine gun (PPK-20). The video shows the appearance of a formidable weapon.

Submachine gun selected as base for PPK-20"Vityaz-SN", which has been in service since 2005 in parts of the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB and the FSO of Russia. Engineers made design changes based on feedback from the weapon's operation and production.

The demo video notes that forPPK-20 uses a cartridge of 9x19 mm caliber, and the magazine capacity is designed for 30 rounds. The designers have made the machine more ergonomic and reliable in comparison with the Vityaz-SN. The PPK-20 uses a six-position telescopic stock, an additional shelf on the fire mode translator, a Picatinny rail on the receiver cover, on the right and bottom of the forend. The slotted flash suppressor has a bayonet mount for a low-noise firing device.