New packaging will show the exact shelf life of the food product (2 photos)

High technology is gradually penetrating allspheres of human activity. In the food industry, the key task is to provide consumers with fresh and high-quality products. At Cornell University, experts develop innovative carton packs for milk that can convey comprehensive product information for every customer who has a smartphone.

Including the new technology shows the exactthe date until which the milk remains of high quality and fit for use in food. Modern labeling with the date is often not true, and the consumer refuses quite a quality product. According to the standards, the package specifies the period until which the milk has the highest quality indicators, while the product remains suitable for consumption for some time.

New development involves applying topackaging of a QR code in which data on the milk production site, transportation route, processing and filling time, and storage conditions are encrypted. It is also planned to install indicators on the label to indicate the storage temperature and the shelf life of the product corresponding to the actual saving conditions. The information contained will be useful both for consumers and for retail chains, who will be able to control the delivery of small quantities of goods from wholesale companies.