New Mi-Gadgets

In addition to the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 9T at the presentations, held in Paris, Milan and Madrid, several other Mi-devices were presented.

This is already familiar to us fitness band Mi Band 4 - as expected, in the version without NFC. Price - 35 euros.

These are wireless headphones Mi True Wireless Earphones with active shumodava and cover-charging. Price - 80 euros.

And finally, a device that no longer fully fits into the concept of a “gadget” - an electric scooter
Mi Electric Scooter Pro. The maximum speed is 25 km / h, the course distance without recharging is 45 km, the duration of charging is 8-9 hours, the permissible weight of the pilot is up to 100 kg. Price - 499 euros.

Tatyana Kobelskaya