New Kalashnikov carbine AKV-521 frozen and tested at -50 degrees Celsius (video)

Representatives of the Kalashnikov concern heldextreme cold test of the new model of the AKV-521 carbine of 5.45x39 caliber, "aimed at the civilian market." Testing was conducted at a temperature of -50 degrees Celsius and showed that the weapon can continue to fire even at such ultra-low temperatures.

Test video posted on the official YouTubechannel of the Kalashnikov concern. At the first stage, the AKV-521 carbine was placed for one hour in a freezer at a temperature of -50 ℃ along with cartridges. The tester fired a full magazine loaded with low-energy cold cartridges.

The carbine has been successfully tested.Commenting on the video, the developer said that the test was carried out to verify the reliability of the carbine in cold conditions, when the weapon remains for a long time in an unheated car or outdoors during winter hunting. After thirty shots of a cold carbine, all parts and assemblies of the weapon worked normally and reliably.

A feature of the carbine was the separation of the barrelboxes on top and bottom. The test showed that this design change did not affect the operation of the weapon in extreme cold conditions. Also, the designers were interested in the operation of the curtain located on the left side of the weapon. The designers confirmed that, despite fears, the curtain did not freeze and worked normally.