New iPhone will be very expensive (5 photos)

Until the September traditional announcement of newiPhone only two months left. However, the insider information on Apple updates is not so much, and it concerns mainly the improvement of the camera of smartphones. The latest news reveals the cost of next-generation Apple mobile phones. Among fans of apple products, information on prices for new iPhones of 2019 from the beloved company caused a considerable surprise.

Thus, the model iPhone 11 is estimated at a sum of 1292dollars, and iPhone 11 Max - from 1422 dollars (excluding taxes). Apple also failed to translate the R-model iPhone in the budget segment, its price will start from 989 dollars. It is hoped that the official prices from Apple will be slightly lower than those provided by insiders.

It is well known that the top models of the iPhone2019 will be presented with a triple camera placed in a larger square module. In a similar module, only a dual camera will be installed in the iPhone 11R. For the iPhone 11 model, two color options will be added: green and purple.

It is expected that new smartphones will work onAion Bionic brand chip, manufactured using 7-nm technology. According to experts, Apple’s smartphones will not receive a fundamental update this year, they should be expected only in 2020. Earlier it was also reported that a special iPhone version will be released for the Chinese market with reduced functions (without Face ID), which will lower the price and increase the competitiveness of the smartphone.