New Intel processors drop 30% performance on budget motherboards

In the process of testing, Hungarian specialistsProHardver found that new flagship Intel Alder Lake processors when running on low-cost Intel Z690 motherboards show performance drops from 25% to 30%.

Processors used during testsIntel Core i9-12900K, Core i7-12700K and Core i5 12600K. All chips showed performance degradation when running on budget motherboards. Experts have found that the VRM power subsystem is the cause of the performance degradation.

Inexpensive motherboards are notwere able to consistently deliver the 135 watts of power needed to keep the processor running optimally. The minimum Power Limit 1 for operation is 125W, but more power is required under load.

A drop in performance was found whenswitching to Turbo Boost mode. Experts recorded a decrease in the performance of Intel Core i9-12900K processors in the range from 25% to 30%, for Core i7-12700K chips, the drop was from 21% to 25%, and the Core i5 12600K processor decreased performance by 7-9%.

Experts advise using an Intel Z690 motherboard with a "10 + 1 phase" VRM power supply, a current of 50 A and a DrMOS IC.