New Huawei smartphone with a flexible screen will be equipped with a stylus

Developers of the world's leading companies continueExperiment with flexible smartphone options. The Chinese giant Huawei has already demonstrated its premier flexible Mate X smartphone, but it hasn’t been on sale yet. Nevertheless, developers have already begun to develop this line and have proposed a prototype smartphone similar to Samsung Galaxy Note10.

Huawei engineers have patented the concept of a newa smartphone with a curving screen equipped with a stylus. Their technical description of the patent, it becomes clear that the stylus will be placed in a special thickening at the end of the device. Probably in this place the battery, camera and hardware of the smartphone will be placed.

Huawei developers used a slightly differentapproach than the engineers who created the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The device’s screen will expand outward and be on the outside of the folded gadget. Based on patent documentation, designers are already offering their solutions for the future second generation Huawei Mate X, while insiders are trying to predict the price of the smartphone, assuming that its value will be 2300 euros.