New Google Chrome feature will save millions of rubles

Google is testing a feature that will helpminimize the possibility of phishing attacks on users of the Chrome browser. In the experimental mode, the search engine added a function that suggests the correct address of the site if the user enters a URL similar to it. Thus, the browser once again draws attention to the error in the name of the site and offers to fix it, without going to the false (phishing) page.

As written by CNET, the browser itself checks the address whenentering a site, and if it is similar to the domain of a well-known site, but differs from it, for example, one character (or a similar character), Chrome issues a warning that the address is incorrect. In this case, the browser substitutes the correct URL to prevent the user from going to the scam site.

The existence of a new feature is first noticed inGoogle Chrome Canary 70 version. was able to find it in a stable browser release for chrome: // flags / # enable-lookalike-url-navigation-suggestions. However, after activation, it did not work; apparently, all this is still working in test mode.

Phishing is one of the most common waysfraud Twin sites are cheap to maintain and quite profitable with the right approach. Phishing hackers managed to earn from $ 30,000 to $ 2.5 million per week. And this is not the limit. In order to obtain the login and password of their victim, the attackers send emails on behalf of banks and other services with a request to follow the link, usually leading to a fake page.

Google has long fought phishing, directingemails with suspicious content in spam. Now user protection has reached a new level. Do you often come across such sites? Write in our Telegram-chat.