New Goodyear tires will be able to turn into propellers for flying machines.

What cars of the future will be shod with? It seems that the American tire manufacturer Goodyear knows the answer to this question. Moreover, the engineers and designers of the company even created a demo video, thanks to which you can look into the future with a corner of your eye. The concept of amazing tires demonstrated in this video is truly impressive. But who knows when this project will come true.

The company has demonstrated the concept of flyinga car whose tires can function as propellers for flight operations. New tires are called Aero and should ensure that the car takes off without stopping it. It looks very unusual.

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Especially for this between the tread and the rimelastic partitions are located. They turn into the propeller blades and create a lifting and driving forces. On the ground, they also act as dampers.

Goodyear previously showed spherical tiresEagle-360. Tires are planned to be produced in an exclusive design for various countries, based on information about road surfaces and weather conditions. The outer tire layers will be applied to the inner frame using advanced 3D printing. Mounted to the car such "wheels" will be using magnetic levitation technology. True, so far this concept has not seen the light either.

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At the same time, the company's development may behelpful. More recently, at the Geneva Motor Show, the Dutch company PAL-V was the first to present a working machine that was certified and ready to fly. Despite the fact that inside it looks more like a helicopter than a car, this is the first serial flying car.

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