New genes responsible for the development of coronary heart disease

As you know, for the development of many diseasesOur genetics is “responsible”. And scientists from around the world have been researching the human genome for more than a year in order to successfully identify, treat, and even prevent the development of various diseases. And, according to the publication Medical Xpress, a group of researchers from Stanford, Cambridge and the University of Pennsylvania jointly managed to identify 15 new genes responsible for the development of coronary heart disease.

Coronary heart disease (CHD), according toThe World Health Organization, is one of the leading causes of death on our planet. More than a dozen genes are associated with its development, and all of them are still not open. To identify new areas of the genome, a group of scientists had to analyze the genetic maps of more than 250,000 people, of whom about 88,000 suffered from coronary heart disease. In 15 found genes, abnormalities were detected in small sections of DNA that differ only in one nucleotide. It was this area that was responsible for the pathological processes developing in the vascular endothelium, as well as for the development of smooth muscle cells of the vascular wall and blood coagulation processes. According to the head of the research team, Dr. Danish Salekhin,

"Coronary heart disease often affects immediatelyseveral members of the family and partially has a genetic nature. We conducted the most ambitious studies in the field of ischemic disease, in which patients from different regions of the world participated: Europe, Africa, South and East Asia. The data obtained will allow us to begin work on identifying the biological processes for which these genes are responsible and improving treatment in the future. ”