New from Apple - iPhone 14, Apple Watch Ultra and new headphones


Once again, Apple “forgot” to place an announcement on the website, since officially the company is in Russia

does not work, in March the office was de facto closed.You should not be sad about this, since there is no shortage of iPhones of any version, there is a choice in stores for every taste and color, another thing is that demand has fallen to its lowest level in the last ten years. People have become wiser and choose other solutions, the time for the iPhone for Russia has passed, but exactly the same thing will happen in Europe in a matter of months. You can probably say that the iPhone was a status product for a well-fed life, when the owner demonstrated the ability to throw twice as much money on a smartphone as necessary. A luxury product, like everything Apple makes, and this crisis is not the time for luxury.

Table of Contents

  • Apple Watch 8 Series, Ultra, Watch SE
  • AirPods Pro 2022 - second generation
  • iPhone 14 lineup - four models

Apple Watch 8 Series, Ultra, Watch SE

In watches, Apple can be considered the main noveltyThe Watch Ultra, which takes its name from Samsung's devices, is the epitome of a device that has been given everything possible. Titanium case, 49 mm, reinforced battery - operating time from 36 to 60 hours, a record by Apple Watch standards. A watch for extreme sportsmen, in the video they showed a man who, in a mournful voice of a survivor after a global catastrophe, spoke about why they are so good.

The siren built into the watch can be heard ondistance up to 190 meters, they can dive up to 100 meters, plus there is a corresponding application for swimmers. Sports watches targeted at the segment where there is Garmin and others. The cost is appropriate - about $ 800 plus taxes in the United States, such watches will not become massive, but this is a good extension of the model range.

The eighth series of watches comes out at a price of 399dollars ($499 LTE ​​version). Working hours at 18 o'clock (alas), a thermometer appeared (somewhere we recently saw it), it became possible to track accidents. Well, every little thing.


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Apple Watch SE is the second generation of suchhours, the simplest and most affordable for the Apple world - $ 249. They work a little faster, otherwise nothing new, except for soft chips. The main advantage is that this is an inexpensive watch.

Watch line update shows Appletrying to play anti-crisis, to offer a variety of solutions for any wallet. And this is good, you see, in 2023 they will guess to change the prices of basic products.

AirPods Pro 2022 - second generation

Many AirPods users can't come to terms withthe fact that they did not listen to good headphones and such headphones from Apple are about convenience, but not about sound quality or noise reduction. It is possible that Apple realized this, and a lot of words were said about changing the driver, changing the sound. You need to listen to these headphones, but the sound quality of Apple devices has always been mediocre, it’s hard to expect anything else here.

Out of curiosity, a speaker appeared in the case, thenyou can search for it, and it will squeak, it also squeaks at the start of charging. A good option for those who like to lose their headphones. The operating time on a single charge is up to 6 hours, here, too, without records.

New H2 chip, intelligent noise reduction,and said that it is twice as good as before. A very good illustration of who the presentation is aimed at. Many times more, better and so on. In fact, there are no times, noise reduction needs to be listened to in different conditions, but earplugs of this size do not provide noticeable noise reduction, alas, in this size it is simply impossible.

Price - $ 249 in the US, which is a lot for suchheadphones. Therefore, Apple is losing the TWS headphone market to Chinese companies around the world, the price difference is too big. The real price of such headphones is $ 150, taking into account the Apple brand, so this is a frustration for most countries and buyers. Luxury goods for a small audience.

iPhone 14 lineup - four models

Apple is faced with the fact that new models are notare sold, the main sales in all countries of the world today fall on the iPhone 11, the Mini model is literally not needed by anyone, it has very poor sales. Hence, a good enough solution is to leave the base iPhone 14, which will be the same as its predecessor, and add the iPhone 14 Plus, which will have a screen diagonal of 6.7 inches (6.1 inches in the base).

Unlike other products, Apple did nottalk about the technical characteristics of these models, settled on a slightly updated 12-megapixel camera module (only two main cameras!), They said that in the USA all iPhones come without a SIM card tray, only eSIM inside. That is, de facto, we lose the ability to work with two SIM-cards, if one of the cards you have is physical.

The chip with the SOS satellite signal is marketing, it works in the USA, and even then not everywhere and not always. In a word, a thing in itself.

But I didn't see any pivot tables showing the results for the new product. Perhaps, of course, blinded by the grandeur of these models.

Price - $799 and $899, base model with 16September, the second - from October 7. Plus sales will be higher for the first time, perhaps in a year the model will become very popular with a decrease in cost. But in general - a weak update of the line with a horse price tag. Very expensive, a sort of luxury product.


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Now let's talk about the iPhone 14 Pro and ProMax, the diagonals are exactly the same - 6.1 and 6.7 inches. The first thing that changed was the bangs disappeared! For years, Apple has been saying that it's cool, good, and the company's fans have been saying that the camera embedded in the screen is fu-fu-fu. Now they are glorifying a solution that no one thought of. Yes.

Another point, the AlwaysOn Display option has appeared. Cool? Not the right word, almost ten years have passed, and now Apple decided to give this “new” technology.

The main change is the camera system, the mainmodule of 48 megapixels (the same Quad-Bayer matrix that is well known from hundreds of models over the past five years). An additional module has been updated, it can, as before, shoot good macros. In general, it should be compared with the 50-megapixel module on the latest Samsung, in blind tests they outperformed all models, including the iPhone 13 Pro.

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Summing up the results of a blind test of the photo capabilities of the main camera modules in four flagships - an interesting result.

Look at the shooting examples shown at the presentation, it is clear that they are perfect, in real life you will not get the same result without exposed light and other tricks.

The A16 Bionic chipset is once again the fastest on the planet, but why? Not very clear.

Prices in the US are $999 and $1,099, which is quite a lot for almost the same devices with minimal changes. Although given that the level of sales will not be high, it will do for the target audience.

In Russia, these devices will appear on September 17, priceson the gray market will be 1.5-2 times higher, in a week on Avito buy at the European price plus 10%. Parallel imports will arrive in early October, here are the prices:

  • iPhone 14 - 90,000 rubles
  • iPhone 14 Plus - 110,000 rubles
  • iPhone 14 Pro - 125,000 rubles
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max — 135,000 rubles

There will be no shortage, but there will be no special salescosts. No warranty, return issues, and so on. And the main thing is that prices are out of the current situation, too expensive for people who are trying to become rational, the time of the iPhone has passed. And the lack of loans will also knock down sales, because most of the iPhone in Russia was purchased with borrowed funds, since those who demonstrated well-being, in fact, did not have it. Regular result. But about the same story will happen in Europe, which is now beginning to realize what the global crisis and lack of money are.

As expected earlier, prices in Europe are very vigorous. So sales will be low, a strong dollar is killing them, and people still need something to eat and somehow survive the winter.

The presentation made a strange impression on me: somewhat crumpled, more emphasis on accessories, apparently, Apple hopes to gain sales at their expense.

Blind photo test results - Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21 FE, Sony Xperia 5 III, iPhone 13 Pro

Summing up the results of a blind test of the photo capabilities of the main camera modules in four flagships - an interesting result.