New details about Project xCloud and the Xbox Series X console

Increased risk of coronavirus infection(COVID-19) makes adjustments to the immediate plans of the exhibition organizers of high-tech companies. The next cancellation of traditional events affected the Game Developers Conference (GDC), which was scheduled to be held in San Francisco from March 16 to March 20. However, Microsoft decided to conduct part of the planned events online. The content prepared for the GDC 2020 exhibition will be broadcast on March 18.

Plans for an online presentation that starts 18March 21-40, Moscow time, includes a story about the online gaming service Project xCloud and the disclosure of new details about the upcoming Xbox Series X console.

Microsoft, unlike Sony(PlayStation 5), more actively communicates with the consumer and reveals preliminary data about the future gaming device, its design and technical specifications. The first stage of acquaintance of the gaming community with the Xbox Series X took place at the E3 2019 exhibition in June last year, then consumers learned more details about the console’s launch time and the exact name of the future model, at The Game Awards in December. Most recently, Microsoft presented some of the technical specifications of the console.

At the events of the online conference March 18Most likely, information will be added about the detailed technical parameters of the Xbox Series X console, the company's pricing policy, and the exact date of the device’s release to the retail market is announced. The Xbox Series X is currently expected to be available for Christmas 2020.

Streaming game service Project xCloud,is in the process of testing since October 2019 and is currently already running on iOS. Insiders do not exclude the possibility of the official launch of the service at events scheduled for March 18, which will allow gamers to launch Xbox games on other devices.

Also in parallel with new gaming informationservice and gaming console, Microsoft will host an event “what’s new in DirectX”, which will talk about ray tracing (ray tracing), technology, Mesh shaders and other new products.

Source: Microsoft