New dental fillings will less likely to go to the dentist

It would be just great if dentalThe seals had an unlimited service life. Unfortunately, due to chewing pressure and the damaging effects of microbes, they can last only 7-10 years. Very soon, this gap can be significantly widened - scientists from the University of Oregon Health and Science have created a new material and glue that will allow seals to serve much longer than before. New fillings will be stronger than the standard two times, and this has been proven in the course of a scientific experiment.

The main element of durable seals isthiourethane is a component that is used to impart wear resistance to ship decks and car bodies. It is believed that its strength will be sufficient to protect against the occurrence of cracks, which, in addition to the natural destruction of the fillings, will prevent the formation of new cavities from the effects of microbes.

The persistence of new fillings has been proven duringa six-month experiment - for the whole of this period the sample was placed in a container simulating the environment of the oral cavity. It turned out that in comparison with actual for today seals, the strength of the new compound is higher by 30%. It is noteworthy that a significant role in increasing the resistance was played by a new glue - it consists of polymers, which are not afraid of bacteria and enzymes in the mouth.

According to Professor Karmem Pfeifer, thanksNew technology people do not have to visit the dentists as often as before. This will not only save money and nerves, but also prevent serious complications that may arise if you ignore problems with standard fillings. Of course, this does not mean at all that people can forget about scheduled checks at the dentist every six months.

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