New collection of biometric data of Russians will cost 6.6 billion rubles

The government of the Russian Federation plansrestart the Unified Biometric System (UBS). The previously launched system for collecting biometric data of Russians, implemented through the banking system, suffered a fiasco, in three years only about 164 thousand users were registered in the EBS.

Now plans to collect fingerprints and other biometric data of citizens will be implemented by the state company Rostelecom, and the project will cost 6.6 billion rubles for the period until 2030.

For Russians, fingerprints and face scans will be free of charge. In total, it is planned to obtain biometric data for 50 million citizens of the Russian Federation.

Launched in 2018 through the banking systemThe unified biometric system did not meet the expectations of the organizers and attracted too few users. As a result, it was decided to restart the EBS using the resources of Rostelecom. Russians will also be able to hand over biometric data through the Multifunctional Centers.

Source: kommersant