New Chinese application allows you to shame debtors (3 photos)

Total control over citizens introduced inChina, supplemented by the function of shame. Casual passers-by can now learn about the sins of a nearby person. The development was created within the framework of the Chinese social rating system.

It is about the "Card of malicious defaulters". This application will show on the map where exactly unreliable borrowers are located within a radius of 0.5 km. The development has already been announced officially. This product is distributed in WeChat - the most popular messenger in the country. That is, the new product is available to anyone. So far, the technology works only in the eastern Heybei province, in which, according to data for 2010, there were about 72 million people.

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It is alleged that the program was released, includingamong others, in order to shame people who are able to pay off their debts, but who do not. Details of the functioning of new items are still unknown. For example, it is unclear how the application finds out about the debts of specific people, but, most likely, information about defaulters appears on the basis of court decisions and subsequent deviations from the assigned payments. It is also likely that anyone will see the photo, name and national identification number of the debtor user. According to the government, the method undertaken will prove to be very effective in their country, where popular censure is considered a cruel social punishment.

Mandatory social rating system, inwhich will be included in this development, the Chinese government plans to launch by next year. It will be followed by cameras with the face detection option. On the basis of offenses, citizens will accrue points on which their social rating will depend. This indicator will affect all areas of life: career, the ability to use various services and travel, the availability of good schools for children, Internet connection speed and so on. Moreover, the accounts of violators in social networks and online dating sites will be displayed much less frequently.