New Cannondale SystemSix - the fastest road bike

American bicycle manufacturer CannondaleLast Monday introduced its new bike. It does not work on electric motors, does not mine cryptocurrency, and does not even connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It is interesting because it is the cheapest and fastest road bike in its class. It is called the new SystemSix.

The company confirms all the flattering words about the bike with the results of numerous tests of its aerodynamic properties. Here are the words of Nathan Barry, the design engineer of this miracle:

SystemSix was designed from scratch and eachelement created to achieve speed. Aerodynamic resistance is the only powerful force that riders need to overcome, for this reason it has the greatest value. SystemSix provides more speed for more riders than ever.

On the photos of the new items we can seea fairly massive frame, wheels with a deep HollowGram profile, disc brakes and Shimano Di2 electronics. This equipment will cost 11 thousand dollars. A more budget option is called SystemSix Ultegra. It will cost 4 thousand dollars.

Its name SystemSix received thanksSix-point approach to the integrated design of the frame, fork, wheels, seats, steering wheel and its removal. That is what makes the bike the fastest in a wind tunnel and on the road.

SystemSix will compete with othersbikes for racers: Trek Madone, Specialized Venge and Canyon Aeroad. Some riders have already been able to experience the new bike from Cannondale. All unconditionally call him the fastest of those on which they had to ride. He came out very on time, as the Tour de France starts on Saturday.