New “brutal” YouTube conditions will allow users to be deleted

A month later, on December 10, on video sharingYouTube’s new user rules will come into effect, giving users the right to delete accounts on very vague terms. The Google division, in the newly developed user agreements, stipulates such a concept as "commercial profit" and in the absence of profit from the account - it can be deleted at the discretion of the service.

According to the new rules introduced since December,YouTube gains the right to control the profitability of each account, and in the absence of commercial interest, delete the disadvantageous account. Meanwhile, the wording of the rules does not allow to determine exactly in which case the account falls under this definition: if the user activates the ad blocker, or when the content produced is not monetized. The discussion on Reddit has already gathered more than three thousand comments and interpretations of the new rules.

For users of accounts whose accountstime will be deleted during which all content can be transferred from YouTube to other data storages. There are no more detailed explanations from the YouTube service explaining the controversial clause of the new rules.