New application for coughing will determine the type of disease (2 photos)

The smartphone is becoming more functionsdesigned to satisfy not only the daily numerous requests of their happy owners, but also to solve quite solid tasks of entire branches of science, industrial production and the service sector. Thus, the new application is designed to significantly speed up the diagnosis of the state of human health with the definition of the type of disease and the appointment of correct treatment.

Australian researchers from QueenslandUniversity developed an application for simple and rapid diagnosis of respiratory diseases. The fact that this technology has proven to be very effective is proven by clinical studies involving children: their accuracy ranges from 81% to 97% in relation to the results obtained by an experienced pediatrician, diagnosing upper respiratory tract disease in 585 children from 29 days old to 12 years.

The application can be installed on mostsmartphones, and its algorithm allows early diagnosis for hundreds of thousands of people, as it determines the characteristic features of the disease of each person by his cough, and the accuracy of diagnosis is up to 97%.

Since kashli are very different: wet, dry, hoarse, sonorous, whistling, barking - and the characteristics of the disease in each case are with individual characteristics. And if the correct diagnosis is often difficult to determine even by experienced doctors, the application algorithm can accurately calculate the symptoms of respiratory diseases. And yet, the developers believe that a new technology based on machine learning will always allow to insure the doctor’s possible error and to double-check its result.

The algorithm incorporated recognition byfeatures of cough diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, lower respiratory tract diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other diseases. If patients fix additional symptoms in the appendix, the diagnosis will be made even more accurately.

The author of the development, Udante Abeiratne, stated: "Respiratory diseases are the third leading cause of death in the world, and affordable, accurate diagnosis can have a huge impact on public health and the economy." He expects that first of all the novelty will help people with limited access to medical care. However, when it will be possible to download the application and test its effectiveness in the event of illness, the developers still do not reveal the secret.