New Apple services: News +, TV + and own credit card (6 photos + 3 videos)

At the previously planned presentation, the American corporation Apple introduced new branded services: Apple Card, Apple News +, Apple TV + and Apple Arcade.

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Virtual bank card Apple card requires the user to only register inApple Wallet with the addition of a new card. A design of a real titanium card is available, which does not have a number, CVV code and a limited period of operation. The Apple card works wherever Apple Pay is available.

Apple card works without commission and installsreduced interest rates. Also, with each purchase, the user gets Daily Cash cashback to the card: 1% when paying with a physical card, 2% using Apple Pay and 3% when shopping at Apple stores.

The service provides for an elementary financialbalance analysis. Artificial Intelligence distributes purchases by category and presents reports in the form of graphs and diagrams. The launch of the Apple Card service is the summer of 2019.

Prepaid News Service Apple News + It provides access to online versions of 300 publications such as The New Yorker, Esquire, The Atlantic, National Geographic, Men’s Health, Vogue, The Wall Street Journal and many others.

Apple News + bookmarks are available, animated.covers and notification of new editions. Subscription price - 9.99 dollars per month. Family subscription available for 6 family members. As emphasized in Apple, buying a subscription to the available in Apple News + publications, the user saves up to 8,000 dollars a year, provided that he would get all the press at retail. In the US and Canada, the service is already available. The first month subscription is free.

Information about the new streaming service Apple TV + little, it is known that HBO channels will be available,Showtime, Amazon and self-produced content. Apple today produces about 25 movies and TV shows. Note that the online cinema Netflix refused to cooperate with the apple company because of competition. The service starts in autumn 2019.

Source: Apple