New 3D TV Solution

Technological advances so quickly change ourthe reality that mankind is forced to send to the landfill in the literal and figurative sense of what, more recently, was the pinnacle of engineering, a trend in public opinion. Take, for example, three-dimensional television. 3D TVs were very popular. People liked the effect of image depth, but other technologies appeared - and they began to forget about 3D.

The most serious reason for the decline in interest in such TVs was that to watch his programs you had to use special glasses, but this is still inconvenient.

However, 3D in television may very loud very soondeclare itself again: Light Field Labs, a pioneer in this direction, with enormous experience and original achievements, has developed and already presented a working prototype of a screen that is capable of delivering a projection of a picture into space. And, importantly, the hologram looks the same from any angle: even from the front, even from the side. And most importantly - no points are required to view the content.

The company plans to establish serial production of such displays as early as next year.

However, there is a problem. It is that while there is no content that will allow you to evaluate all the advantages of such displays, it will be difficult for them to gain popularity among the public.