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NASA's Perseverance rover will land on the Red Planet in two months

Mars rover called Perseverance that intranslated into Russian means "Perseverance", February 18 should land on the Red Planet. The nearly $ 3 billion spacecraft will land in Jezero Crater, where scientists believe was once a riverbed. Equipped with multiple instruments, Perseverance will seek signs of microbial life, study Martian weather and geology, andcollect samples for a future retrieval mission. Perseverance will also deploy a built-in mini-helicopter, allowing the spacecraft to take off on another planet for the first time in history. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory recently shared a digital animation depicting key events during the Perseverance reentry, descent, and landing on the Red Planet. The video is just over three minutes long, which is not much less than the actual landing stage, which is estimated to take about seven minutes.

An illustration of how NASA's Perseverance rover landed safely on Mars.

Seven minutes of horror

The journey of the Perseverance rover will last ina total of eight months. On February 18, 2021, Perseverance is expected to land successfully on the surface of Mars. Mission controllers, however, note that the upcoming landing of the rover is real "Seven minutes of horror." All because the Red Planet is famous for itsthe ability to complete scientific missions before they even begin. So, in 2017, the European Space Agency (ESA) "Schiaparelli" mission was unable to successfully land on Mars and start working.

"Perseverance" must land in the region,where, according to scientists, the river bed was located, since one of the main tasks of the mission is to search for living organisms or their traces that could remain at the landing site. “Hundreds of things should go well during this coming crash,” the Perseverance mission said in an official statement. The researchers are also worried that the rover will take about 11 minutes to send information about its landing back to Earth - by this time the descent will have already been completed and the rover should work autonomously.

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The official NASA video, which lasts aboutthree minutes, shows what an ideal Perseverance landing should look like. Pay attention to how many nuances and details must come together for the rover to successfully land on the Red Planet! By the time of landing, "Perseverance" will be at a distance of about 400 million km from our planet. Moreover, every moment, every movement that you see in the animation, will be controlled by on-board computers. Not surprisingly, scientists are very upset.

Only a couple of months are left before the landing of the unique rover on the Red Planet. The spacecraft's speed is 20,000 km / h.

Note that the sequence of actionsPerseverance looks about the same as the sequence when NASA's last Curiosity rover landed on the Red Planet eight years ago. The only difference is that the navigation systems have been improved, as the Perseverance is about to land in a more remote region of Mars.

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The landing of the device is expected February 18, 2021 at 21:00 Moscow time. Also, do not forget that on the day of landingthe time it takes for a radio signal to reach Earth from Mars is roughly 700 seconds. This means that when NASA receives a message from Perseverance that the device has entered the upper atmosphere, the rover may already crash, or vice versa, make a successful landing on the Red Planet. It is also interesting that Perseverance records its entire journey with a camera and microphone. The recorded media files will be sent back to Earth after landing - provided, of course, that it goes well, which we at really hope for. And you?