NASA will start building satellites right in space (2 pics + video)

Space exploration is extremely expensivepleasure, and one of the most expensive parts of the space budget is the delivery of equipment to orbit. The original idea of ​​the company Made in Space is to manufacture the necessary equipment directly in space using 3D printing.

Transfer of manufacture and assembly of spaceequipment directly into orbit solves many complex tasks. First of all, the delivery of raw materials is much less expensive than the ascent into orbit of complex equipment that is sensitive to overloads and occupies large volumes.

The agency NASA concluded with the company Made inSpace contract in the amount of 73.7 million dollars. According to the contract, the prototype Achinaut One will be created, designed for 3D printing of beams in open space. The device will be delivered to orbit by Electron carrier from Rocket Lab. Start is scheduled for 2022. The first test test consists of printing two beams with a length of 10 meters, on which solar panels will be placed. The performance of the new solar power plant will be 5 times higher than the same.

With a successful outcome of the test print in space,NASA plans to build communications antennas, landing platforms and other massive equipment in orbit. Another advantage of the technology is the ability to control the process automatically. This reduces the time astronauts in space, increases their safety and frees from the ordinary routine work of the collector.

Source: NASA