NASA simulation showed the Earth without oceans and seas (video)

Most of the Earth is covered by oceans, whichhide an amazing relief, no less unique than the visible part of the land. This is the world's longest mountain range and plateau, which are a kind of bridges between the continents.

Planet scientist James O’Donoghue, from JapanAgency for Aerospace Research (JAXA), using the NASA animated film created by NASA physicist and animator Horace Mitchell in 2008, showed a virtual “drainage” of the Earth and “saved the underwater terrain from the oceans hiding it.

Enthusiast water retreat processsupplied timed and added a marker, indicating the number of meters by which the level of the world's oceans is falling. At the same time, starting meters are demonstrated in slow motion, since it is at this depth that continental shelves lie, which have a huge area.

Three-fifths of the surfaceEarth reveals many secrets of the Earth's settlement, demonstrating the ways of human migration from continent to continent. Such crossings were between Alaska and Siberia, Australia and the islands of Oceania, as well as between England and Europe. During the ice age, these transitions emerged from under the water, since most of the moisture circulating on the Earth was turned into a compact ice cover of the continents.

You can also observe the longest mountainan array extending over 60 thousand km around the globe. Currently, 90% of its surface is hidden by water. Such a journey to the depths of the ocean, according to the scientist, not only reveals the beauty of the relief of the sea depths, but also allows you to advance in the study of the ancient history of mankind.

Source: businessinsider

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